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Episode: “Good Luck Father Ted” (Series 1, Episode 1)

Dougal is set on going to ‘Fun Land,’ a funfair taking place in ‘The Field’ – which isn’t actually a field, but merely a place containing fewer rocks than any other place on the island. Ted discourages this, as priests are expected to demonstrate restraint, ironic given his fixation on his upcoming television appearance. However, as Ted is trying desperately to get to ‘The Field’ where he is about to be interviewed, he forgets that ‘Fun Land’ is also there.and be thrown out afterwards (to be seen “making a fuss”).

The field is a car-park set in the seaside village of Portrane with beautiful views of Ireland’s eye and Lambay Island.

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Tower View Car Park, Portane, Co. Dublin
53.48892645756305, -6.09890341758728

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2013-11-21 13:18:47
Always wondered where this was. Thanks

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