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Episode: “The Passion of St. Tibulus” (Series 1, Episode 3)

The Passion of Saint Tibulus, a film condemned by the Pope as “blasphemous”and banned everywhere else, is being shown on Craggy Island because of an unknown loophole. He declares the Catholic Church must be seen to make a stand on this matter, and orders Ted and the others to sort things out as quickly as possible, especially given that he has been recalled from his holiday in California to deal with it.Ted and Dougal go to the local cinema and find only two other people watching the film, one of whom leaves because the film is in French, subtitled and not dubbed. Originally, they plan to protest before the film begins, but after a polite request from Michael the cinema manager, they agree to watch it peacefully

The Cinema was a one-screen cinema in the seaside town of Greystones, County Wicklow. It closed down in 2007 due to commercial issues.

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